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does your life set your soul on fire?





does your life set your soul on fire?




welcome to your 'what next'.

Your what next after every diet and fad you've tried, that little voice in the back of your head telling you THIS is the one you'll stick to. But it never happens.

You see, it all starts way before food reaches your lips. By then it's way too late.

This is why I focus on the magical area between nutrition and mindset which is where you'll find me and the secrets to lasting body confidence and freedom from food.

So welcome to your what next; the last stop you take to living a life that sets your soul on fire!

I invite women to live an effortless and happy life as they remove the sabotage, frustration, confusion and guesswork. We go on a powerful journey together to make your life and health easy! By igniting a new mindset around your life and body, combined with the tools to live an effortless, carefree life PLUS key knowledge so YOU choose the right foods for you - free from guilt, free from restriction and not a food plan in sight.

Women leave feeling empowered; confident in their eating and lifestyle choices, LOVING what they see in the mirror!

So where does the disconnect with where you are now and where you want to be, begin?

Well, when you're owning every area of your life and it's all systems go, it's easy to fall off your priority list - but when you’re nowhere to be seen on your priority list, health and Vitality is much harder than it needs to be. 

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You're constantly busy and on the go, grabbing snacks that energise you for 5 minutes before the inevitable crash happens, you live from coffee to coffee but it doesn't even make a dent in your energy levels, you don't sleep well and wake up more tired than when you went to bed. These are just a few ways that disconnect appears between your mind, body and spirit and all you want is to bring them back into harmony to live a carefree life. 

And NOW you're so ready to master your mind and body! 

Let's create that space and time together to ask your future self - the woman you desire to be - to meet you exactly where you're at to discover what's been missing to thrive with Vitality!

My soul purpose is to empower women to ignite who they were born to be; as mind, body + spirit align on a powerful journey combining self-discovery and self-love.

As a Women's Empowerment + Vitality Coach, I turn the traditional approach to nutrition and lifestyle on its head. There is no food plan, calorie counting or restriction!

In fact; it's not even about the food as you'll come to realise.

Which means you've found the freedom to reveal the woman you were born to be!

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If you've tried every diet under the sun and still, you're sabotaging your efforts to live a healthy life that works for YOU: download my FREE GUIDE. 14 Questions To Master Your Life + Body and Love What You See In The Mirror

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ignite the woman you desire to be

ignite the woman you desire to be

Stop for a moment and ask  - What does your future self want for you?

If you were to hold yourself accountable to your future self, would you make her proud?

I get it. You're busy. 

You're frazzled, at the very edge of losing it and your close relationships are becoming fraught - you are not behaving like you and right now, you don't know how to change this current reality, so you keep doing the same thing and you're over it. You're tired of treading water and you know something MUST change. Right now, don't you?

And it's not good enough that you know the kinds of things you should be doing that you know are best for you you and your body.

It's not good enough that you want to change, without putting in any of the work.

You know cycle MUST stop. NOW.

You're ready to become your focus again to align with the woman who thrives with an abundance of Vitality!

You crave ease; to effortlessly flow through your busy day, to refine what you're doing so your efforts start showing.

Let's burn away your past as a diet junkie to reveal the woman you always knew you were, comfortable in your skin, comfortable in your clothes. Empowered!

Heard enough?

If you're an action taker like me, I offer 3 FREE sessions a week for women who are ready for the 'what next'.

Apply below for the next steps


If you've recently found yourself on my website and you're new to me, how about easing yourself into Living With Vitality and my ethos to living a life that sets your soul on fire . You'll love my 5-Week Online Program.

5 fun and easy to implement secrets that will set you up to win. And there's not a food plan or recipe in sight! (because by then, it's too late).


Exclusive 5-Week Online Program To Kick Emotional Eating To The Curb!

The #1 reason women sabotage their healthy efforts is because their intentions aren't strong enough. There's so much more to an intention than reaching a certain dress size or weight on the scale (in fact, scales should leave every household!)

That's why I turn the traditional approach of nutrition coaching on it's head and encourage you to align what you want with how you want to feel, with who you want to be to create your anchor to long term change.

What I gift you, is the tools to make those decisions so the rest becomes easy, coupled with powerful Time Line Therapy ® to remove your negative self-talk and create new ways of living a healthy, happy and vibrant life. Don't take my word for it, see what my gorgeous ladies have said..

No more diets, no more restriction, no more guilt.



I incorporate a beautiful Plant Based Lifestyle Regime into my day that forms part of my Non-Negotiables.

Everyday I choose to feel good and by including protein powders as my deeeelish breakfast or post-workout smoothie, supplements and energisers; I'm well equipped to thrive with Vitality that lasts all day.

Of course, I want to feel good on the outside and enjoy lush lashes as I go about my busy day c/o the image on the right! Honouring the woman you desire to be is feeling good about yourself however that looks to the individual so, when I have groomed brows, lush lashes and a good manicure, all is well in my world.

I also use their haircare, shower gel and skincare because I'm conscious of what is absorbed into my skin to keep toxicity levels low. It arrives at my door each month and I don't have to step foot into a mall. A life hack for busy women right there!

Click on each of the images to see the products I enjoy each day:

If you have any questions about my gorgeous Lifestyle Regime, how it positively impacts me and my clients, and if it's right for you; get in touch! Let's talk about how we can add more Vitality into your day so you still have enough gas in the tank by the end of your busy day.