It's the silly season. I've woken from a night of celebration and I listened to my body. What did I feel like fuelling my body with to break my overnight fast?

Originally this post was going to be an Instagram and Facebook picture with a small caption about what went into my breakfast bowl; but as I was lovingly creating the concoction with everything I felt like having.. I was inspired to write a post about why this is more than just a breakfast bowl.

As I stood in my kitchen, reflecting on a fun evening with wine, cocktails, cheese platters and even beer, filled with lots of dancing and smiles with friends and strangers, I smiled as I was preparing my breakfast out of pure love for myself, to nourish my body, soul and heart.

It got me thinking that we can be so harsh on ourselves, scrutinising our diets, obsessing over 'things we shouldn't be eating', wondering how long we'll have to exercise to burn 'X' off, standing in front of the mirror picking holes in our bodies instead of celebrating our beautiful uniqueness.

There's the saying that we've spent years being hard on ourselves and how has that worked out for us? Well, when I think about it, it just made me feel sad and so why not try being kinder to yourself, putting that love and nurturing into yourself that you would so openly give others to see what happens.. Why is it that we speak to ourselves in a way that we wouldn't with others? I'm still trying to figure that one out, because sometimes, when I'm not being conscious to my thoughts, some niggly ones can get through that don't feel very good.

I did this almost a decade ago.. I decided to drop the perfection game, striving to reach something I'd never be happy with because I no longer wanted to live the sad, controlled life. It was frustrating and tiring and I raised that bar so high that I never had anything to celebrate. So now I celebrate my body and the food I choose to fuel it with. I believe a huge part of creating a happy balanced life is to get away from the 'diet' mentality and enjoy occasions and foods/alcohol that goes with it. Celebrate, eat, drink, laugh, enjoy the moment. If you want that piece of chocolate, or bowl of ice cream, do it. But day-to-day, love yourself enough to nourish yourself with beautiful foods that are going to take you closer to the woman you desire to be.

Today's inspiration filled with love goes something like this:

1/4 cup of chia seeds, 1 serve French Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder, coconut cream, maca powder

Topping: raw cereal with cacao nibs and activated nuts, shredded coconut, strawberries and peanut butter.

Vital ingredient: L O V E.

If this resonated, please come over this way to Living With Vitality! and see what it's all about.

Much love + Vitality,

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