This blog post has been a work in progress for around a week now, because I wanted to be crystal clear on what my definition of Vitality is.. So here goes:

You know when something's so obvious that it goes by unnoticed..?

It was brought to my attention that my brand name uses the word 'Vitality', but what does that actually mean? What does it mean to me? What does it embody? What does it feel like? How do I know when I'm Living With Vitality? Do I always have Vitality? How do I empower my clients to rediscover their Vitality? 

Where did it al begin? Dani Vitality grew quite organically when I finally discovered a life that worked for me having spent years scrutinising my body, picking at things I could not change due to genetics and what I was given (which I freaking adore now). But I never used to love my reflection in the mirror. I spent hours at the gym telling myself if I did one more class my arms and legs would get thinner, that if my hips and butt were smaller, he would like me. (How ridiculous?!) I would do a class to punish myself as I worked off the extra biscuit or 3 or the habitual glass of wine as I cooked dinner each night. I was in a rut in my life and with the gym and I didn't know how to get out of this cycle.

I discovered CrossFit - oh wow! What was this addictive form of exercise that had me amped and loving life that came with a healthy way of eating that fuelled my workouts and essentially; my life. I had a realisation one day that I loved my body for the amazing things I was able to do as I became stronger and leaner - it took me by surprise! I was happy and realised I loved my reflection - just like that! Life just started going well. You know those times when everything just works, clicks into place and there's no stress. I'd decided to dedicate my life to health and wellness and that started with me first. My CrossFit training was going from strength to strength, literally. I was enjoying essential downtime, my sleep was great, I was enjoying nutritious foods and I had just started a lifestyle regime; Arbonne that was adding to that energy and Vitality.  I was enjoying social occasions with friends, not holding onto the guilt of foods I'd eaten that are considered less healthy but instead; allowed myself to enjoy these soul nurturing times. I'd recently met a lovely guy and I was happy. I was glowing, I loved life and everything was just working. Women began asking me how I managed to live a full life of training, socialising and have an abundance of energy and Vitality. "Where can I get some of that?" I was asked.

I felt it. I had that something about my aura and I was unstoppable - I was full of Vitality.

It stayed with me for a long, long time. But life happens and those stresses creep in and life admin gets in the way and I felt like I wanted to retreat into my chrysalis and hang out there as I do the work to bring back that Vitality by eliminating whatever is making me feel down, doubtful, sad, stressed and unhappy. What did I do? I asked myself what I needed that day and most days I simply said 'Today I'm going to be kind to myself' as I nourished and nurtured myself with things that brought me joy. As I became stronger and happier my daily mantras started changing and something that helped me vibrate with Vitality was a simple mantra "Today is going to be AMAZING". I felt myself vibrating on a different level. Vibrating with Vitality. Fizzing with a zest for life!

So Vitality to me, embodies life holistically and how you allow yourself to Reclaim Your Vitality and happiness through nutrition, exercise, honouring that time for pure fun and doing whatever it is that make you happy with a ripple effect to manage stress and thrive in life.

A lot of the time I see a common pattern affecting Vitality which is the Happiness factor. Not enough Happy is getting dialled in and scheduled in life. When there's lack of happiness, then stress likes to appear, which results in not such great food choices being made to seek that little bit of pleasure and then immediately regret those choices. Stress is also the biggest factor in people not being able to lose weight as Cortisol comes into play; our fight or flight hormone that causes weight to stick around the tummy and hips. Eek! So eliminating stress is vital to living that healthy life.

Coming back to how I started to help other women Reclaim Their Vitality. I found I intrinsically knew the triggers and factors that affected my clients' Vitality and very often our catch ups, which for a large part is accountability with nutrition, actually end up in talking about life and that holistic picture that will get clients vibrating with Vitality. While food plays an important component in the big picture, it's certainly not the whole picture.

So, after a few weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less, I literally feel the amazing Vitality exuding from my clients as they vibrate on this new frequency and they feel it! Their eyes are sparkling, their smile is huge and excited as they realise they've fallen in love with themselves again. And when they've reclaimed their Vitality again; OHMYWORD! It makes me feel deliriously happy that I've empowered this change.

I hope this gives you some insight into the essence of Vitality and what Living With Vitality embodies. It feels pretty freaking amazing, that's for sure.

Much love,

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