What am I talking? Anything. It could be writing down your life Intentions, a work assignment, leaving your job, your health and weight loss journey, cutting ties with connections that no longer allow you to grow... Today, believe it or not, is training. I've had a busy week and have missed my beloved CrossFit training 2 days in a row but as I try and get myself out of bed to put on my exercise gear to train; instead I open the laptop and start a blog post. It's Sunday, it's raining and my bed is telling me to stay. I'm a little tired and my day is full of work and social engagements. 7:30am and I want to get into the gym for 8am to meet my tasks ahead for the day. 

I know as soon as I step into the gym, put a playlist on and start lifting that barbell I will feel amazing, my soul will be glowing and that Vitality will be turned up full force! 

Why do we suddenly not want to do the things we love doing? For me, my life becomes a little overwhelming when I look at my Intentions, envisage where I want to be and wonder where on earth will I start? So I break it right down into achievable steps; daily tasks that take me one step closer to my end goals and dreams. So when I say do it, when you don't even want to.. it's acknowledging that resistance and accepting the fear in our minds, the conditioning and pressures in todays' society, that leads us to feel this way, yet doing it anyway. I'm sharing this with you because we all have those times where we don't really want to do it; but we must show up and live our purpose and when I train, I vibrate my true self to the Universe and wow, it feels so good! 

So on that note, I'm going to get up, make a long black with coconut oil, put my active wear on and work up a sweat!

What's the one thing that's been niggling at you for the past few days that you don't want to do? Will you join me and do it today?

Happy Sunday x

Much love and Vitality,

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