Happiness. That's right. Pure, unadulterated, joyful blissful happiness. It comes in many forms and it transports us away from worries, pressures, life stresses, a work deadline, relationship struggles, insomnia - real life admin that can bring us down. 

When I'm doing something that brings me pure happiness, I fall into a meditative state where nothing else matters except for what I'm doing; being present and living in the now. I'm so free and happy.

All too often life becomes full of chores, pleasing others, working 9-5, school runs, bills, meetings, late hours, early starts, broken sleep, exhaustion, fueling your day with caffeine or a well deserved glass of wine or two at night just to get through the day... the list goes on. We stop scheduling time to do the things that make us truly happy. Picking up hobbies and passions we loved as kids. Why can't we have that as adults?

A couple of mine are music and CrossFit. I tune out of life and into my passions for an hour most days because I deserve it and because it brings me such happiness that it makes my world a better place and my soul is shining brightly, once again.

I'm seeing a pattern with a lot of my clients who have reached out to me to improve their quality of life with nutrition. Because we work holistically, I look at all areas and factors of life and ask what they do for fun.. More often than not, they don't have time which really struck a chord with me that we deserve to be happy and do the things we love.

A common intention with my clients is to look and feel good; stress very often halts this process. Stress causes adrenaline to be released in the body and cortisol decides to join his mate (I've decided it's a male thing!) and tells your body you need to replenish your energy in this 'Fight or Flight' state of stress and we crave all the sugary, salty, preservative ridden foods. (chocolate, muffins, potato chips, cakes.. you hear me?) As long as your body is stressed, you'll continue to produce cortisol which can lead to us storing fat in the body and working against our goals. Nooooo! So, this is why happiness should be high on the agenda, taking time out each day to get crazy lost in your passions and forget about life for a while.

Get a notebook and write down 3 things that make you happy - a walk by the ocean, meditation, drawing, reading a book, Yoga with your girlfriends. Whatever it is; make a promise to yourself that you'll schedule in a Happiness meeting each day. Ok? x

If this resonated with you, let's talk some more about how you can become healthier and happier.

Much love and Vitality,

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