I  was going to name this blog post LISTEN, but I realised that kindness prevails when it comes to loving what I see in the mirror.

You see, I've been on the other side, when I stood in front of the mirror and pinch fat (existent or non-existent) it didn't matter, I saw it. I HATED what I saw in the mirror. And the journey to flipping my thoughts about my body on their head was a long labour of love, but it happened through creating some Intentions that honour the woman I am and the boundaries and values that were born as a result.

Fast forward 10 years and as I was getting ready for a day at the beach with my girlfriends. I had a moment of pure love for my body because I've been so kind to her lately. I haven't pushed through that gym session when my body was so tired and sore and instead, grounded my feet in Mother Earth to replenish my soul.

I allow moments of cheese on toast, or chocolate in bed, ice-cream, a bowl of cereal because I feel like it when I listen to what I'm being drawn to. I don't allow these moments to end in anxiety around my choices, holding onto guilt, because our body will hold onto guilt. I don't use food as a crutch for emotions and instead, I talk it out with someone I trust or journal, go for a walk, put some beautiful music on and allow the emotion to hang out for a while before it decides to move on. I make these choices in alignment with the woman I desire to be; my highest self, who wants the very best for herself.

I choose to fuel my body and my day with nourishing whole foods, vegetables, meats and fish, some fruits, meals that make my soul say YES! I cannot wait to devour you. Have a look through my Instagram page for some poké bowl inspiration that makes dinner or lunchtimes a beautiful event in our day. I just adore the variety of tastes and textures in one meal.

Now, here's where listening comes into play. I listen to the way I talk to my body and I'm mindful of the things I say. I tell her I love her often and thank her for the strength she holds for me during the day. I express gratitude for my health, I appreciate her as I rub coconut oil into my skin to start my day after a shower. We've been through a lot, she's carried me for the past 38 years and many more years to come.

Although I didn't realise it at the time, the ridiculous restrictions I placed on myself was getting me nowhere and in fact, my mind was tired and so full of the stuck record of body shame. Lifting these restrictions has lifted the hold my mind had over my body, who that held onto weight.

As many of you know by now, I became an avid CrossFitter and competed in this sport; my life was dedicated to CrossFit from the choices I made around food, of course, exercise and socialising. What it gave me was a long-term Intention to create new habits that are conducive to living a healthy life that makes me feel on fire!

The byproduct was a body that reflected strength and health. But now, I CrossFit less, my workouts are less intense, I incorporate Hot Yoga into my day, I intuitively choose my foods with a focus on feeling good and I am almost as lean as my CrossFit competition days. WHY? Because I've started being so much kinder to myself. I promise you; that's it. I've lowered that bar. Whilst food plays an important part in loving what I see in the mirror and making me feel good; by far the biggest factor was letting go of ridiculous expectations and dropping the 'should' from my vocab.

The mind game holds a strong card in me loving my body and in turn, my body being kind to me as I love what I see in the mirror. 

I urge you to choose one thing you love about your body and keep telling yourself that every day for a week, then choose something else to admire in the next week. Does it change how you talk about yourself or the decisions you make to honour the woman you desire to be?

If you enjoyed reading this, then you'll enjoy a Journey I created for women to start Living With Vitality to make choices that reflect their desires. This is the key to unlocking the way you switch those negative thoughts on their head and create sustainability.

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Much love + Vitality,

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