I was taking a walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne this morning, musing on my personal journey of being in business and the phenomenal change I've gone through that leads me to where I am now..

Bright eyed and eager as anything I started out as a Certified Holistic Performance Nutrition Coach ready to create tailored food plans, macronutrient breakdowns and specific calorific intake based on individual goals and I loved it!

For a while, I calculated the exact food plan to get results; and I delivered, but it was regimented.  I was missing a huge part of the paleo pie: Everything else that was going into the decisions that women made that literally sabotaged their efforts to live a healthy life.

The penny didn't drop for me until a few months down the track when my nutrition sessions intuitively moved from a food diary talk through to a mindset shake up and with what really was going on and the action steps required to make lifelong change.

I realised that women, for the most part, knew the kinds of foods to eat to be healthy, but there was so much information out there about various diets and ways of eating that there was total confusion about what was right for them. Often overwhelm came into play and so they just continued doing what they'd always done.

The main thing I saw when women started working with me is I'd create a food plan that in theory, would give them everything they needed to reach their goals with foods that they enjoy eating. But they just didn't stick to it because it was just another diet to them. And any kind of diet with too much restriction and something they had to follow just wasn't going to work.

I did some research. I spoke to women about their dieting woes and what they needed to replace their destructive habits with new, healthier ones. The biggest challenge they faced is the years of yo-yo dieting and their relationship with food they so desperately wanted to change. They were frustrated with themselves because they kept sabotaging their healthy efforts, but as we delved deeper, their healthy efforts were full of restriction so it became unsustainable because it was so miserable.

Through this research I discovered that all women really wanted was to find a way of eating that was right for them, that took away all of their anxiety so food just became a meal or snack when they were hungry and not an emotional crutch. They wanted to have a good amount of energy through the day and put a stop to the sugar cravings that kept them stuck in their cycle of crash, burn, sugar load. They wanted to become the woman they deserve to be with a body confidence, enabling them to feel comfortable in their wardrobe instead of rotating the same few trusted outfits. They wanted to feel alive and energised!

So with this research, I created my ethos of helping women to Live With Vitality; to discover a way of eating that took away their confusion and frustration without having to follow a strict food plan as I gave them the essential knowledge from my expertise on the foods that were right for them to live a big, full, happy (for the most part) life.  Each week I speak to clients we talk about what is relevant in that moment; the obstacles they face and the tools needed to overcome their reactive state as they take control of the situation, becoming more empowered week on week.

The results are not just physical; becoming more energized and leaner are just a couple of those side effects, I'm afraid! Women become more unapologetic in who they are with healthy boundaries and Non-Negotiables to set up and close off their day. Their subconscious self-talk becomes kinder, they smile more, their eyes sparkle, they attend social situations with confidence in their choices with no anxiety around what to eat or how much to drink. I literally see their Vitality growing week on week and it sets my soul on fire to watch this journey unfold!

The amazing thing about the women I work with is they've created a lifestyle. After they work with me, their vision and desires are cemented that helps them navigate through life choosing to feel good, to nourish their body well and to enjoy those occasions with foods that are usually off-limits on a diet. As you know, it rocks my world!

So there is the journey of what once was a very food focussed consultation to an experience that aligns mind, body and spirit on a beautiful journey and I feel so blessed that I facilitate this every day.

So, to honour my purpose and soul calling; I have a few free sessions I'd like to offer women who are ready to put to bed their old habits and work out a way to help give you those long term sustainable results you deserve:

Much Love + Vitality,

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