It's a hot topic at the moment; boundaries and where they lie with each of us.

It's become clear that as our days get busier and demands grow, women are left depleted, stretched, fraught, not acting at all like themselves and they're about to snap. And they do, they snap at their loved ones and feel guilty because this is not who they are. And when asked about self-care, they admit they haven't taken care of themselves for a very long time.

This is a huge focus in my program to help women get back on their priority list so they can achieve everything in their huge, busy days with ease and flow, the world around them feeling light and congruent.

It took me a long time, well into my 30's to honour my boundaries so I am at my best, most of the time. (We aren't superhuman, yes we do have those days where we just have 'those days') And it's ok to honour those days and set the theme: today is about being kind to myself and just getting through today. It's nice to feel that I haven't had one of those days in quite a while because I listen. I listen to my body and what she's telling me; I'm connected to the sensations and when to tone it down a little, taking some time out for essential self-care when I need. For the busy woman, self-care can be 5 minutes walking in nature, listening to your favourite tune, a beautiful shower at the end of your day, 10 minutes journaling.

Here's the thing; my boundaries became clear once I truly loved and honoured the woman I am because she is allowed those times where she says NO, with no justification or honouring those moments of essential self-care which isn't selfish, it's actually selfless.

I went a step further and implemented some non-negotiables into my life and wow does it feel good!

Non-Negotiables are what sets me up for my day, to vibrate at a level that serves my highest self and to be the best for my loved ones and clients. They create immense happiness because it's loving myself.


Here are a few of mine:

  • Upon waking, expressing gratitude that my eyes are opening again on a day filled with magic and possibility

  • Guided meditation and clearing so am vibrating on highhhh

  • No work emails or calls until I've gone through my meditation

  • At least one heart to heart, soul to soul, long hug with my partner

  • Gym - me, the barbell, my music, sweating. Delicious

  • Dinner at home, no cellphones, just conversation and music with my partner as we talk about our biggest win for the day and conversation unfolds because we're connected, engaged in the moment with each other. A sacred time I adore

  • Night time ritual: a beautiful shower to wash the day off, warm coconut oil on my skin, adoring my body and thanking her for another beautiful day as I stand in front of my mirror, journaling my gratitude, learnings and wins, a happy heart and smile as I close my eyes to sleep

Calmer, clearer, motivated, on fire, on purpose, focussed, energised... some of the words that present themselves. Prevention as opposed to cure because it's honouring, listening, tuning into the soul to create a balance so life is on fire!

If you like the sound of creating your own Non-Negotiables, you'll love my journaling exercise to help you set some Intentions to Live With Vitality and create your vision of the woman you desire to be. Download it here or click on the image below. Have fun and enjoy the process!

Much love + Vitality,

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