You know when something is so glaringly obvious, we actually go right past it..?

This is what I'm talking about - asking the question; how do you want to feel?

Because unless we are absolute suckers, we're going to say things like happy, content, energized, good, motivated, joyful...

Where am I going with this? 

When I ask women how they're feeling compared with how they want to feel; the answers are poles apart. They tell me they're so tired, may as well have a coffee drip running through the day, they're feeling down, unmotivated, so far from the energetic sparkly eyed woman, their partners first met. Unfortunately, the list goes on.

There is so much disconnect happening with so many women I see.

I see women so freaking busy, running the household, managing her team at work, socialising with friends, smashing goals left right and centre but her life is so full that she doesn't even set those goals for herself, let alone ask herself how she wants to feel, she's just head down getting it done.. or kind of. 

Because she's falling into bed completely dissatisfied, exhausted and gearing herself up for yet another huge day that she wonders if it'll all get done, but it does... just.

A few days ago I posted an image on Facebook and Instagram simply saying 'I CHOOSE TO FEEL GOOD. HOW ABOUT YOU?' 

Upon waking, in those first moments I express some gratitude for waking for another day and like auto-pilot, my actions and decisions are based around feeling good - because seriously, why would I choose to feel any other way? I wouldn't choose to feel down, or unhappy - madness, right?!

But it goes deeper than that choosing to feel good is about honouring the woman I am and if something doesn't feel good, I either address it or let it go and focus back on the good.

So often, I see women reaching for delicious emotional crutch that has them feeling momentarily happy with that first rush of endorphins to placate the negative feeling, but as soon as that brief moment is done, guilt, frustration and seriously shit self-talk ensues.

I know, I've been there.

A way that got me out of this horrendous cycle was creating fierce values based around how I wanted to feel and feeling good kept on coming up for me.

When you keep this statement at the front of your mind as you go through your day, you bring consciousness into each thought and action and this is where the gold lies - you can choose in that moment to break the cycle that has kept you frustrated with yourself for too long now.

So if you don't want to feel lethargic, or bloated, or frustrated with yourself, walk straight past the cafe selling muffins at 3pm and reach for your bag of nuts or rice crackers with peanut butter, or a mixture of nuts and seeds or whatever snack makes you feel good. 

This is why I exercise most days, it's why I make my morning coffee with a small teaspoon of coconut oil to enjoy as I start my day, it's why I have my chocolate thickshake protein smoothie most mornings for breakfast, it's why I ground in Mother Nature, why I hug and kiss my partner, why I message my friends and tell them I'm thinking of them when they pop into my mind, why I like grooming my brows and making sure my lashes are looking good, why I prepare meals that have so much colour and flavour, why I enjoy wine and cheese on a lazy Sunday and finish the day with a square of dark chocolate in bed. 

What makes you feel good? And how can you invite more of this into your life?

If you need a bit of a kick start, my FREE download will help you create some space in your life to ask the questions on what you desire more of in your life and how you can create simple steps to get there. Download here, ladies xxx

Much Love + Vitality,

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