Maybe this was 2 years too late, or maybe it came at just the right time. It's been 5 years since I came home to the UK; spent time with my family in my homeland, reconnected with amazing friends that I now call my family and regrouped, gathering my thoughts, allowing stillness and feeling my way forward to the next chapter in my world. My life has been a blur the past year as I started building my business which has been phenomenal; as I've found my calling and passion. But, before that, I was on the hamster wheel of life, just letting it go round and round, not really making any decisions and hiding in my day to day life feeling so stuck. What a freaking long chapter! Again, maybe it had to happen for me to be sitting at my laptop, right here, sharing this with any eyes and minds that fall onto these words.

What I'm trying to say, as I try to compose my thoughts that are literally spilling out onto my keyboard, is I needed this stillness at home to truly just be with myself and feel 'Where to from here?'. 'What does my heart need?'
I took some time out of my full, busy life to feel what I needed in order to move forward onto that next chapter, spending a few days alone in New York to just be, speak with strangers, laugh, drink, walk, explore - all alone. And I loved every second of it.
My vibrations of what I've been putting out into the Universe and have been quietly manifesting, are starting to happen and finally, I'm ready! Everything that's been happening over the last year and what is coming up this year, I have manifested... some, in my darkest hour.

Last year, I went through the single most painful experience of my life, yet the most beautiful transformation into the woman I've become. Such a juxtaposition. It's only now, that I'm moving forward with such clarity, making some big decisions over the coming months. Timing is everything.

What would I love for you to take home from this post? 
Create that space for yourself to just be... unwind, meditate, take some time out and be brave... but most importantly, don't ignore those subtle whispers from the Universe, your gut instinct, because it's your guidance and inner compass talking x

Cementing your Intentions will bring you one step closer to achieving them.

Much love and Vitality,

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