I adore sharing insights with you because I am a real woman who deals with days I just don't feel like being kind to myself but it's how I combat those times, that helps me thrive. I simply want more women to have these tools to turn those days around too.

I felt like it was time to realign what I do and how I empower women..

I put a call out on social media for women facing certain challenges, that I may be able to help the most to ensure I’m meeting the needs of my audience to create lifelong change. 
This has been such beautiful journey and so I wanted to share with you with how things are developing.

I’ve now met with 8 gorgeous women who spoke from the heart about their stories with me, and it’s quite phenomenal how similar yet unique they all are.


Here’s what they collectively told me:

  • The biggest challenge you face is the years of yo-yo dieting and your relationship with food.

  • You’re scared to change what you’re doing because you’re afraid you’ll lose the weight and then put it all back on again, and more.

  • You’re unable to make those decisions because you aren’t sure which foods are right for YOU and what your body needs to thrive with an abundance of energy.

  • You’re annoyed, frustrated and defeated by your current situation and can’t seem to find the motivation to change even though you know the kinds of things you should be doing to be healthy.

You lack energy, find you’re sick more often, you're down on yourself and simply feel uncomfortable in your skin.

You find you’re 'in the zone' for a few days; eating well and exercising, then life happens and you fall off the wagon, hard. You give in to the sugar and treats you told yourself you can’t have and the flood gates open. ‘I can’t believe I’ve done this to myself again’ you tell yourself, wishing you could break this miserable and destructive cycle because being healthy makes you feel good.

If they were to overcome the challenge of continual yo-yo dieting and create a healthy relationship with food, the impact would be significant. They collectively told me that:

  • You would stop isolating yourself and become more sociable

  • You’d feel confident and beautiful in your skin

  • You’d be driven to achieve goals because when you’re feeling good, you’re more motivated

  • You’d stop beating yourself up

  • You’d no longer fear eating food

  • There’d be no more restriction

  • You’d regain the power you’ve given food

  • You’ll be the woman that you deserve to be; whose goals and values are aligned to her actions

They were ALL ready to make change and prepared to do whatever it took to stop these patterns. Not one of them shied away from facing up to themselves and taking responsibility for their own future.

This surprised me in some ways because the expectation was that it would be hard, painful work. In my experience, this is often not the case. In fact, removal of blocks can be incredibly fast if we know where to look. And there is no need to relive past trauma without a huge amount of compassion.

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What they wanted from working with someone like me was: 

  • Accountability and direction

  • A sounding board to help you make the right choices with food and your lifestyle

  • To set a long term goal with smaller week by week goals, leading to the desired end result

  • To have knowledge around choices

  • For you to play an active part in creating and driving your food plan so it’s not written by me, because then it would just be like another diet or plan that’s failed in the past

  • A plan that that works in with your lifestyle and feels like it’s YOURS

  • Tips to change your mindset to stay on track

  • To be lovingly called out when you’re making excuses – you don’t want to be enabled

From past diets and regimes ranging from a 7 day-detox to 12 week challenges; they discovered they need the support and accountability each week to stay on track and motivated. They would benefit from 1:1 support tailored to the individual, as opposed to a generic group challenge that felt impersonal. They would prefer an intensive program, then some time to integrate the changes into their lifestyle and then an add-on program, minimum of 4 weeks, to ensure those changes have been cemented. They would also like the option of top-up 60 minute sessions when life got in the way again.

The timing for the first section of the program would be 12 weeks.

What would stop them investing in this program and support was:

  • Cost and money blocks

  • Fear of failure and letting yourself down again

  • Being too strict or harsh

  • Unprofessionalism

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And so, that is what Living With Vitality! is. It will help you find balance in your life and stop the yo-yo dieting for good in a less scary way. You’ll be supported in a style that is more boutique and supportive than strict and classic nutritionist.

That's it! I’ve loved learning about what women REALLY need to overcome their challenges.

If moving through your destructive habits has been on your mind and you're ready to make some change. APPLY HERE to see if my program is right for you.

Much love and Vitality,

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