I love looking at health and Vitality from a holistic perspective because each thing we do to be healthy doesn't work on it's own; it takes the whole shebang. (Spelling..?) You know what I mean. Holistic is a word thrown around loosely these days, but I love this way of being when it comes to Living With Vitality:

According to The English Oxford Dictionary

HOLISTIC: Characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

I was explaining this theory to a client recently, using a paleo cup-cake with a cherry on top as an example.

You've probably noticed that now we're no longer in our early 20's; most of us can't eat the junk food, alcohol, cakes, chocolate, sugars... and get away with it. I can't even party until 11pm on a few red wines and bounce out of bed the next day! #old

So here, the paleo cup-cake model was created to outline how we can look after ourselves to feel happy and healthy; achieving our goals, however they look to the individual.

Why would you work hard at the gym or your chosen form of exercise and not get the results you deserve? That seems unfair doesn't it? Yet, it's a common problem with women I speak to who struggle with losing those last few kilos or the very unwelcome tightening of the jeans waistband!

The Cupcake: NUTRITION

I call this the foundation.

Have you really locked in a healthy way of eating for the times outside of exercise? All 16ish waking hours?
Unfortunately, a cheeky wine after work most nights affects our intentions of feeling good, as does the half a bar of chocolate stashed in the fridge. You only meant to have 1 square but whoops, the whole thing has gone.. again. How about the times you reach for the comfort foods during those times you're not hungry?

It all adds up, so if that cheeky little piece of something, is something that you just so happen to eat everyday; chances are it's affecting the way you metabolise foods and will steadily take you further and further away from your intentions of the woman you desire to be.


Being stressed, not getting enough sleep, not finding enough time for some fun or essential down time or even worse, thinking you don't deserve the luxury of having fun or taking time out for yourself can seriously impact getting the results you desire.

During these times, our naughty little stress hormones can come into play and they stop fat loss in their tracks. Yep! You heard me right. They actually prevent us losing body fat! If you have some stubborn areas around the hips and tummy: it's likely to be stress related. Ohh thanks for that..

The Cherry on Top: EXERCISE

We're not meant to be sedentary, but for most of the day, most of us are not moving around too much at all. Move your body, however you enjoy, even if it's grabbing a girlfriend and stomping around the block in the morning or lunch break. You'll become fitter and start burning fat. (provided the cup-cake and icing has turned out well) So, once you're eating nourishing Whole Foods, you'll find your wellbeing is on the rise; you're more energised, happier, sleeping better and so when you exercise, the cherry on the top will be born and yesssss! You'll be achieving what you set out to and those waistband on your jeans will become looser.

So now where to from here? Changing your lifestyle can be scary, because your food vices have to diminish. But what's scarier...? Staying in the same place, wishing your health and body were different; that you had the confidence to wear the clothes you wanted and feel comfortable in your skin, becoming the woman you deserve to be with an abundance of energy who is Living With Vitality!

What I've described is the paleo cup-cake theory but what you really want to know is the how, right?

How do you create a lifestyle where you have the motivation to eat well, exercise and remove stress?

How do you know the foods you're eating are on the right path for YOU to get healthier?

How do you not fall off the wagon with almighty force on the weekends or during times of stress where you drink all of the wine and eat all of the chocolate in sight, berating yourself because you slipped up... again. You promise yourself that Monday you'll start your healthy buzz, and this time you'll stick to it! But you fail by Monday lunchtime because the mid-morning muffin called your name.

There is another way and it starts with you becoming your focus again. If you'd like to take the next step in becoming healthier, apply for one of my 3 sessions I provide each week to talk through your biggest struggle to staying on track and let's see how I can best help you.

I got you - if you're ready.

Much love + Vitality,

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