When I think about my philosophy of eating well; there are 3 words that I live by. My 3 Vital Elements:

I  AM CONSCIOUS to each moment I nourish my body

I AM INTUITIVE to the foods I choose for myself

I AM ALIGNED with my anchor: my Intentions and the woman I desire to be who lives with Vitality


I see so many women suddenly announce they're going to lose 5kg or get back into their size 10, 12, 14 or whatever their dream size is. And it makes me so sad to see them fail time and again, which is why I do what I do; to stop women failing and feeling like shit as they berate themselves with continual self-loathing. 

People often wonder how I'm so 'good' when it comes to my food choices and way of living. And I guess it's based on the word 'good'. Very simply, I want to feel good. So this is the foundation my 3 Vital Elements to Eating Well, is based upon.

I realised the principles that surrounded living by my goals and the woman I desire, kept coming back to these 3 words: CONSCIOUS, INTUITIVE, ALIGNED.

When I'm CONSCIOUS to each time I eat to nourish my body when I'm hungry, by being Intuitive to the foods I want to eat and enjoy, I'm Aligned with my goals and the woman I desire to be, to live my best life.

How many times in a day do you reckon you eat when you're not hungry? I would say it happens less than 1% for me now, but it used to be a regular occurance when I was bored and I craved the crunch. I've spoken about wanting crunch in one of my FB LIVE videos if you'd like to know what this is about!

Being Conscious is vital, because by nature, many of us find our hands in the fridge or cupboards, reaching for our emotional crutch that has become familiar and comforting. We are triggered and we go to our same, familiar action for the outcome of feeling better in the moment. But what if there was another action we could take for the same outcome that is more conducive to our goal? Which there is, but what is it? It'll vary for each person but one thing I ask myself is what am I feeling and what do I need? What else will make me feel better in this moment? Usually, it's a hug from someone I love. If that can't happen, I'll message a friend and have a quick catch up and exchange what's been happening. Sometimes I'll put on my earphones and play some of my favourite songs, or a walk in nature. It all depends on how I feel which guides me to what I need. Truth is, we will have the same triggers, but how we react to them is something we can work on and change, replacing the old destructive habit with a new healthy, happy one.

Another element of being conscious is to be right there in the moment with your meal or snack and savour every freaking bite, taste and mouthful. Because everything you're nourishing yourself with, you enjoy, right? Savouring every moment of that meal not only allows you to appreciate the glorious meal but will allow your brain and body to do its thing, letting you know when you're feeling full. How many times have you been nose down in your phone or working at your desk, ate on the go and wondered where your meal went? Sometimes you want to re-live it again because it's one of your favourites but you didn't stay conscious to the moment to fully enjoy it; so you go back for seconds and don't take stock of even being full after the first plate full so you eat more than is needed. Are you with me so far?

Being INTUITIVE to our foods; feeling what it is that we want to nourish our body, our day, our intentions and our lifestyle with. Do you ever have a moment where you just crave some tropical fruit or steamed broccoli drizzled in garlic infused olive oil with just a few shakes of Himalayan rock salt? Or a spicy chicken thigh stir-fry full of the colours of the rainbow? Getting really specific with what it is you're craving will help those satisfaction levels and what your body really needs. Rather than "I want savoury", "I need something sweet" delve deeper. Is it hot or cold? What texture do you feel like? I often enjoy discussing with my partner, what I'm thinking of making that night for dinner; the various meats or fish we have and the vegetables or salads to accompany our meal to craft something that ticks our intuitive boxes.

When my clients are buying ingredients to craft their meals and snacks, I encourage them to walk around the fresh fruit and vegetable section, through the meats and fish (if they would like to. I have many Vegetarian and Vegan clients) and be drawn to what they feel like most in that moment. Rather than picking up your standard ingredients, pushing your trolley on auto-pilot because that's what you alway have; perhaps your body is calling out for something that hasn't featured for a while. It's amazing to see the new creations clients come up with when they intuitively choose their ingredients and meals. I freaking ADORE food and there's nothing worse than when I've made a meal with no thought and it satisfies nothing, do you know what I mean? Such a waste.

So try it! What do you reeeeeally feel like? What ingredients do you need to craft this amazingness that is about to caress your tastebuds? Because then, meal and snack times are going to become so much more satisfying in every way and will make you reach less and less for those 'comfort foods' or bit of sweetness after dinner because the main event was everything you needed and more.

When I thought about how the first 2 vital elements have shaped the way I fuel and nourish myself, I naturally ALIGNED with my goals and the woman I desire. Everything became anchored and aligned. When I'm aligned, everything flows and the choices I make to feel good became easy. It's the most beautiful ripple effect that when I think about it, can relate to anything in life. 

It helps that I have a super clear intention and values around the woman I desire; what she stands for, her boundaries, ways of being and doing that add weight to my anchor. I FEEL into her: exactly who she is and she's forever growing, learning and wanting the very best for herself and those around her. This is how I Live With Vitality and help others achieve the same; by creating a way of nourishing ourselves to live a full life with no restriction and guilt.

CONSCIOUS, INTUITIVE, ALIGNED. MY 3 Vital Elements to Eating Well.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, please tag or share with a friend if you so feel.

If you're curious to learn more about my philosophies and adopting this approach, take a look over here. I think you'll like it.

Much love and Vitality,

FREE GUIDE: Designed to stop those sabotaging cycles that have kept you from achieving the lifetsyle and body you so deserve.

FREE GUIDE: Designed to stop those sabotaging cycles that have kept you from achieving the lifetsyle and body you so deserve.


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FREE GUIDE: Designed to stop those sabotaging cycles that have kept you from achieving the lifetsyle and body you so deserve.

FREE GUIDE: Designed to stop those sabotaging cycles that have kept you from achieving the lifetsyle and body you so deserve.

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