This blog post has been a little while coming and I think it's because I was shortly heading home to the UK for a family wedding and celebrations took over.

But the sentiment stayed with me from this short exchange and now I'm sharing it with you.

I had just finished a particularly big workout in the gym, also known as my happy place, my therapy, meditation and all round life changer. I've been practicing Intuitive training; that is having absolutely no idea what I'm about to train in the gym and I leave it until I get there to see what my body is telling me I need. I've been feeling amazing and the results are talking for themselves. I feel strong, lean and vibrant. 

I digress, but that's ok.. it's all linked. I was having a post-workout coffee to finish my self-care, to replenish before heading home to continue with my day when I was approached by a lovely guy. His face was filled with excitement when he asked:

"What are you training for?!"

without missing a beat I replied "I'm training for life" 

And then I looked him in the eye and beamed! He shook his head a couple of times to digest my answer and then beamed back at me.

"That's amazing!!!" he said.

Isn't it just? I'm not training for a competition, to be a certain weight, for a holiday, to shrink into a bikini, because I hate my body.. I'M TRAINING BECAUSE I LOVE MY BODY AND I LOVE LIFE! There's no expiry date on what I'm doing. I'm simply exercising because I want to feel good. In fact, amazing! Each time I leave the gym, I leave feeling invigorated, happier, with a sense of achievement, a spring in my step (cliché but true). 

If for any reason I miss my gym session, I am just not the same. It really does set me up for life and I don't say that lightly.

It fixes my ailments, my energy, my stress, my fear. I put my headphones on, get out a barbell and GO.

So what happens when you hate exercise? Because I hear it all the time. Yes it hurts, yes you sweat, yes you're sore. But is that just your standard story now? Exercise = YUCK.

Tell me, how are you feeling now? Could you be more energized, happier, vibrant, sleep better, could your step be springier?! If you start exercising, it will change your life. Actually. It will! Everything else will get better. It's all about reframing those thoughts and thinking about your core desires. How do you want to wake up feeling? There are so many ways to exercise and just because I go to a gym and enjoy lifting weights, it does not mean you need to do the same. How do you feel like moving your body? Is it a dance class, swimming, boxing, rock climbing, going for a stomp first thing in the morning with your girlfriends as you catch up on the goss? Is it 20 minutes in your lounge doing a HIIT workout (there are thousands upon thousands out there)  

Find what works for you, set some goals and GO! 

I've found that if goals aren't compelling enough, they just don't happen. That's why I spend a long time with a new client sitting down and revealing their ANCHOR OF DESIRE. 


Their anchor is so strong, SO FREAKING STRONG that they create lifelong change, they can't help it! If you'd like to hear more about this, a FREE 30 minute call is yours.

I offer just a few free Vitality Revival Sessions each week for women to get a taster of my Vision and Goal Alignment strategy session so you're HUNGRY to create that change you so desire.

Much love and Vitality,

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