Here it is! My first video blog to bring home to you just what it was that worked for me, to forget the diets, scrutiny, emotional eating and shame around my body..

There's so much scrutiny, punishment, guilt, negative self-talk surrounding diets and so the truth is, I had to go deeper.

Hit ‘Play’ on the video below and join me!


Looking deeper - why was I turning to unhealthy vices? I addressed the core problems and changed my mindset and actions as I stopped trying to mask them with wine and socializing

I surrounded myself with a positive network of people that wanted to see me thrive and win

I asked myself every day how I wanted to feel: From there my ethos was born: I Choose To Feel Good

Have a watch and learn about the other elements that have helped me and my clients dial in change for life.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Please leave a comment or share on Facebook if it resonates.

Much love + Vitality,

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