I adore watching the journey of women taking back their power and coming ALIVE! They’ve reconnected with that inner fire and have become unstoppable. Rather than continue with a lacklustre life, head down and pushing through.. these phenomenal women said YES to themselves

They're Now Leading The Way; Living With Vitality!

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2 Days With Dani brought FREEDOM To Live And Freedom To Be ME!

I actually believed “inner peace” might not be possible. I have a great life. I’m super happy. Madly in love. So, what’s the problem most might think?

Well, the problem was I had SO much rage, anger and all kinds of other shit from the past holding me back that I was starting to think I should just “get over it” as I’ve been told too many times to count. My health suffered. My business suffered. I suffered.

Months of therapy brought understanding. Years of coaching brought clarity, knowledge and lots of wonderful and transformational action. Two days with Dani brought FREEDOM!

Seriously! Freedom from the stories. Freedom from the anger. Freedom from the fear. Freedom from the doubt. Freedom to live and BE me!! Unapologetically! Can you say BREAKTHROUGH?! Because I can!

I cannot put into words the MAJOR shifts I experienced quickly and easily with Dani’s loving guidance and support. What I can do now is go forth and do my thing! Happily. Joyfully. Free from the past and excited about the future. Having FUN, building my business and loving my life even more than I already did!!

Sue Ellen xo

Relationship Coach

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"I'm now excited to wake up and live my life instead of existing day to day"


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With Dani's wisdom and guidance I found awareness of the root cause to all that had been dormant within my unconscious mind, which we then shifted, released and healed.

Today I feel like a completely different person living a completely different life. The magic that has unfolded since my breakthrough is mind expanding. This woman and her wisdom is second to none! Thank you Dani"

Linda xo

Success + Expansion Coach

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"I feel empowered, fit and in control.
Dani is an incredible coach to guide you to your goals in a realistic way.
Having just had a baby 6 weeks before I started working with her, I was hesitant as I thought a few things would stand in the way like sleep deprivation and breastfeeding.
But Dani was so supportive! Every week she was so positive and caring through the whole journey.
Now I continue on my food, exercise and lifestyle as she has installed it as my way of life. She is truly amazing."

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7 months after this gorgeous woman and I worked together, we reconnected again and Lesley was sharing how life has changed even more since embarking on working with Dani.

Lesley came to me in February 2018 with challenges that I hear often from women struggling to eat well and feel good in their clothes.

She’d had put on about 5kg and although she was exercising a lot, she wasn't getting anywhere; affecting her mood and how she looked in clothes which made her a bit of a hermit. What worked for her in her 40's wasn't working for her now, in her early 50's.

Lesley was the classic boredom eater and knew it wasn't serving her, yet couldn't seem to stop, much like trying to find her motivation and energy to make these changes on her own,

Through some personal trauma a few years back - she hadn't been able to shift the weight and that's when we connected. The rest, as they say, is history! Lesley rediscovered her zest for life and said goodbye to destructive habits that most women battle with their entire lives.

Want results like this?


Want results like this too?

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MeetKristy (1).jpg

This epic 7 minute audio is designed to kickstart your day moving you from feeling foggy to fabulous to own your day with vibrancy and a spring in your step!

This epic 7 minute audio is designed to kickstart your day moving you from feeling foggy to fabulous to own your day with vibrancy and a spring in your step!


You can get results like these phenomenal ladies too! All it takes is for you to say a wholehearted YES to yourself.

Grab hold of the reigns of your life and let’s move you to where you want to be.

Vitality is so close!

Yes! I cannot wait to speak with you very soon. You were born to be YOU! Let's ignite her!

Much love + Vitality!

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